About me

I started my studies at Tampere university of technology in 2009. I studied major in advanced engineering physics and minors in technical computing and computational biology. In 2012 I started as a research assistant in biological physics & soft matter group. In my research I used molecular dynamics simulations to study biomembranes, lipids and proteins. In early 2017 I started working as an application specialist at CSC – IT Center for Science.

During my studies I got interested about coding and software development, and in my research I found my skills with Linux, Bash, Python, LaTex, etc. very useful. As a good engineer should be, I’m very lazy, so I often put a lot of effort and time into automatizing all my work on computer. I’m a big fan of Arch Linux, which I can modify just as I want to maximize efficiency. All open source stuff generally is interesting to me, and it has been nice to notice how much open source software is used on my field of research. Nevertheless, I think lots of potential is wasted because people don’t have good enough skills with computers, or the programs are too hard use. By developing better software (and sharing them) we could do better science with less effort. In the future I want to develop better software for science as a research software engineer.

On my free time I maintain my home server (which I use for hosting this site for example), play kyykkä and brew beer. I also enjoy sauna, snowboarding, fishing, and motorcycling. I hate writing, touchscreens, and politics.


Me playing kyykkä.